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Junior Level
The first stage – Teaching Phonics.
This is for young learners aged 7+ who have had limited exposure to English language.
The initial part of learning a foreign language is identifying sounds, the alphabet and the relationship between these. This course will help young learners with these skills which will prepare them properly for progressing onto the junior level courses.

Junior Learners

There are different levels for different abilities; they are aimed at children between 7 – 11 years old. A placement test will identify the correct level and then the child will learn in a fun, student centered environment.

Senior Level
This program is for older learners ages 12 - 15. All students will take a placement test and be placed in a level from Basic to Advanced.

Course Days and Timing: (Registration- see course information for details of schedule and placement test dates)

Class days and timing    
Monday - Wednesday (2 days weekly) 4pm - 7pm (30 hrs)
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